Somali radio journalist shot dead

The Human Rights Journalists condemn the murder of Somali journalist Abdullahi Mire Hashi who was murdered at the outskirt of Mogadishu on Saturday 27 October.

Abdullahi Mire Hashi 24, was a radio journalist who worked for Darul Sunnah Radio, a private radio in Elasha Biyaha settlement which is 17 KM Southwest Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia.  Abdullahi was also a university student at Al Ma’rifa University learning IT (Semester 5).

Director of Darul Sunnah radio Abdirahman Matan told HRJ that the journalist was shot twice on the head by unidentified men with pistols on Satuday, 27 October as he came out of a mosque close to the radio station where he said his afternoon prayers.

According to the director of Darul Sunnah radio, the slain journalist was a presenter of daily interactive morning talk show (This Morning on Darul Sunnah) a non political talk show that callers share audience the status quos  of their residences. He added that he could not understand why who targeted him.

“The murder of Abdullahi Mire Hashi is a severe blow to a country where the media have paid a heavy price for exercising the human right to freedom of expression. The killing of journalists undoubtedly undermines the right of people to be kept informed,” said Ismail Sheikh Khalifa the chairman of Human Rights Journalists.

“I call on the authorities to take urgent measures to improve the safety of journalists and investigate the murder of Mr. Abdullahi Mire and dozens of other journalists who were killed with impunity. The culture of impunity encourages violence and has increased journalists’ murder,” The chairman added.

Abdullahi Mire is the third journalist murdered in Somalia this year.   On July 26, Abdirisak Kasim of SBS TV was shot and killed by a policeman at a checkpoint in Mogadishu. The murderer escaped escort free and the security agencies of the Federal Government of Somalia are yet to arrest him. On September19 Abdirisak Saed of radio Codka Nabada (Voice of Peace), died in Galkaio of injuries sustained in a knife attack but to date, the perpetrators of that attack were not brought to justice.